Saluting and Supporting Navy Seal Mike Day and the Carrick Brain Treatment Center

It is in one read of Navy Seal SR Chief, (Ret.) Mike Day’s story that we must recalibrate the metric by which most of us measure our understanding of challenge, adversity as well as mental, physical and spiritual resiliency in our own lives.  It is a gift that Mr. Day gives us all in that it reminds us of man’s immeasurable capacity for accomplishing noble deeds, even in times that test that premise.  That the good will of the free spirit can conquer the darkest evil while at once spreading glorious wings of compassion to those most in need.  Mike reminds us that each one of us can be a formidable force for good as well; of our own capacity for advanced citizenship and living lives with equal measures of courage as well as compassion.

Please join me, in helping Mr. Mike Day help those in desperate need by reading his story at CrowdRise, donating if you can, and passing along Mike’s story to your friends. I am proud and honored to salute Navy Seal SR Chief, (Ret.) Mike Day.

Blessed are the Peacemakers.”  –  Chris Mentch

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