Mission Statement

My intention is to broaden my profile in the mass media; to write, record and perform in a variety of venues and through a variety of roles and disciplines in order to advance my over-arching message which is contained on my website entitled, “As I See It”. The message is that each individual is rich in unique qualities to share with us all. That it is the individuals personal responsibility to “Seek that Spirit, Embrace It, Nurture It and Share It and be, in what I call “the urgency of the now”, the hero that they’d most admire. Do it today!

With 6 and 12 string guitar “unplugged” and full band, my lyrics, vocals, songwriting and singing is my vehicle to bring my original songs into people’s experience. I write mainly in the California Pop genre and have been complimented on being a very strong vocalist. My first album was released years ago and still stands the test of time in that the content spans the concerns of many generations as it deals with issues common to any of us out there trying to be good Americans, good people and loving friends and family. I write new material constantly as life and living is far too rich an experience and far too valuable a gift not to express and to celebrate through creating. Adding poetry and prose is another way that I continue to challenge my own literary acumen. Poetry and prose require an elevated sense of the power of the word, written or spoken, but without the assistance of musical embellishment to create tension and release, calm and calamity, contrast and emotion. Writing and singing of the joy I feel in living is a very intimate expression of my deepest self that I share with anyone who is kind enough to give me a bit of their valuable time. I believe strongly in being multifaceted so modeling and acting have also appeared on my radar screen of targets I wish to pursue. In whatever I do, I’ll give you all I’ve got.

My approach stems from my belief that we are all more the same than we are different, and this commonality is the bond of our society in that we are all in this together with much to share. However, I also maintain that it is our individual strengths that create a multi-faceted society and a diversely talented culture. In this free market democratic republic ideal of “America”, these traits combined with our philosophical underpinning of a Judeo Christian belief system, creates an exceptional nation that is the best hope for this beautiful planet, our lovely home, indeed our combined place, in the sky!

Thank you all, and as always, I wish you Peace.
Chris Mentch


“Don’t resist the urge, harness the passion, follow your dreams.”

“Another day, another reason to smile.”

“You’re a piece of the sun, so go shine like one – shine on.” (From The Amber Cradle of Forever’s Day © 2014 Chris Mentch)

“This has never happened before, and it will never happen again; it’s called… “Today.” Cherish it in peace.”

“…and I think we spend too much time building up fences, around our hearts and minds, what is your and what is mine, and I fear that when we’re gone from here, that’s all we’ll leave behind; just These Fences.” (from These Fences © 2000 Chris Mentch)

“Upon the cusp of knowing, on the eve of beginning, for the Aspirations of Chiron, Sing a Requiem for the Archer.” (from A Requiem for the Archer © 2000 Chris Mentch)

“You’ve got to try this! Let a warm shower of sunshine splash across your smile!”

“Don’t resist a yearning, reach for your dreams.”

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