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Navy Seal SR Chief (ret.) Mike Day to help other wounded service members gain access to leading edge health care treatment programs at the Carrick Brain Treatment Center.

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Patricia Brooks’ Book, God is in the Little Things

Much as the animals guide us back to the brighter parts of ourselves, in God is in the Little Things – Messages from the Animals, Patricia Brooks speaks to all of us about her very personal journey of listening, learning and awakening to the spirit within.

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If ever there was one person who so devoted his life and inexhaustible energy to understanding and communicating the limitless wonder and power of love, that one person is Leo Buscaglia. A prolific, powerful, and passionate author on the topic of love and relationships, Leo keenly understood that the way to change the world is one heart at a time and no one could deliver that message more energetically than Leo. “As I See It” is a proud supporter of the Felice Foundation, dedicated to furthering Leo’s wonderful work for generations to come. Please take a moment to visit and enjoy the magic, wisdom, energy and insight of Leo Buscaglia.

As I See It is a proud supporter of The Wild Animal Sanctuary. A shining beacon of kindness delivering innocent animals from abject despair and neglect to a nurturing home of love and caring. We urge you to visit:

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