Chris Mentch - On Background

“Patience can only find her rest, when her quiet vigil has found its reward…”
From “Patience” by Chris Mentch, © 2014.

While my formal training lies in the areas of business, finance and investing, my life has always lead me along the path of writing and expression. A path that taught me that obstacles can be overcome, spirits can be inspired and love can be shared with the power of the word, written or sung. My first best friend and confidante was my guitar. And while my relationship with that guitar brought me to perform for many, it wasn’t until years after I taught myself to play, that I decided to sit down with pen, paper, and guitar to write about things as I saw them, or, as I felt them. And while some of my writings are in the poem or prose format, without the guitar, she is never, ever far away.

I am blessed to live in beautiful Southern California whose people, history and cultures are as diverse as her vast magnificent landscape. I simply can’t think of a more beautiful place to celebrate the gifts we are all given. No need to look for inspiration here, as she will find you.

I’ve found many answers, a few questions and yes even a few mysteries in this pursuit of writing about my journey, and wouldn’t you know it, today, it’s where I’ve found you!

As always, I wish you, Peace.

“…..Carry my soul to the Shores of Pangaea
back to a time when the world was one.
There in a place where we all could see
a morning star shine in a setting sun…take me back.”

From: “The Shores of Pangaea” – Copyright Chris Mentch

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