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Chris Mentch - Buzz Room

Welcome everyone! Your experiences are the seeds. This is the garden. What we learn are the flowers.

Chris Mentch

Your comments and emails have been wonderful and we invite you to keep them coming and Twitter users can now join the conversation. This is the place for everyone to join in with any thoughts that have come to mind about Chris’ writing in As I See It, about your experiences or comments and questions about the content or about Chris himself. Feel free to share your opinions and join the ongoing chat in a free flowing and casual way. Look at it as a place to go beyond the songs and the poems and put yourself and your experiences right into the story.

This is the perfect venue for Chris’ fans to be part of the As I See It Family. As Chris puts it: “There is so very much we can learn from each other if we simply take time to listen and be brave enough to share.”

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