A Living Peace

If there is one thought that we should hold so very dear,
one moment to seek and sustain.
If there is one ideal that should guide how we choose to live our lives.
If there is one guiding principle upon which we will chart the course for our posterity.
It could not be more clear.

If there is one moment of sudden clarity,
where the true nature of things are revealed.
It is in that epiphany of rapture of grace and of joy,
that we will at long last find.
That all that we need or ever needed,
is held deeply within us where it has been all that time.

If there is but one common bond within this life,
one rhythm that beats within each heart,
one message carried aloft upon windswept whispers.
It could not be more true.

If there is one aspiration of the human soul,
one reason to be, and to live.
If there is but one worthy destiny for us all.
It could not be more solemn.

Let us then, hold closely that thought.
Let us defend that ideal.
Let us trust that principle.
And let forever live within that moment.
Let us strengthen that bond.
Let our hearts pound out the rhythm.
Let us sing with glory and pride.
Let us aspire to seek the destiny that awaits those who make that solemn vow.
And let us all commit ourselves to it now.

Let there be Peace Upon This Earth.
Let the fire not consume, but bring us light.
Let us gather together within it’s glow.
Like the stars that once seemed so very far away,
that warm our spirits now in their radiant rebirth, tonight.

For if there is to be that brave new world.
If we are to realize that Grand Vision.
If it is indeed Peace that we seek.
We must look first deep within.

For it is there that shadows cling as phantom chains to the darkness.
For it is there where the shackles are slipped by the quickening light.
It is there the feckless yoke of the tyrant yields to the will of the prisoner,
whose faith holds the key to the groaning dungeons of doubt.

For Peace is not merely a condition we seek.
Nor is it the elusive egalitarian master that exists merely to frustrate us,
as we struggle to find our proper place, and practice and way.
It may be with or without conflict but is always a sister to justice,
and forever the sanctuary for the free soul.

She lives not to service pens drained in anger, hubris or hate,
but to those whose alliteration’s are sacrosanct and
guided by the invisible passion through the pages of life.
A thirst only quenched by the wisdom of the ages,
and sealed by the imprimatur of the sovereign.  

Behold now Peace:
She is forever a way of living.
She is forever the garden of love.
Peace is the ultimate teacher,
of how to embrace the lessons of this earth,
and still reach for the stars above.

Peace is the giver of promise,
granting a space for hope to survive.
She is the giver of all that has come before.
She is the vision that keeps the future alive.

A singularity of the infinite splendor.
To each of the many she is the only one.
Yes Peace is A Way of Living.
And on this day, A Living Peace, has begun.

…..Pax vobiscum!  Hoc erat in votis.
…..(Peace be with you!  This was among my prayers.)

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