My Acknowledgements:  “Grace is but glory begun and glory is but grace perfected” – J. Edwards. – – – – and the imprimatur of the sovereign.

It’s true, I think, that our creator most loves us when we create, and especially when we share and celebrate the gifts we were given with grace that we begin the process of perfecting glory.  In this way we begin to earn the imprimatur of the sovereign and see the true beauty in each other.

With this in mind, I would like to humbly acknowledge the following friends and colleagues whose talent and effort help me bring myself to you and who have helped make this website what it is today.  They have suspended disbelief and hung in there with me all the while exhibiting a level of patience and empathy that borders upon the philanthropic.

They are:

Diego Berber – I am proud to acknowledge all graphics and web design, graphic arts, audio and multimedia design for As I See It is provided exclusively by Berber Studios, Goleta, California.  With special thanks to Diego Berber whose technical acumen and creative prowess have been invaluable. As I See It logo by Chris Mentch with special thanks to Billy Argel Fonts and Rainbow Creations.

Caleigh GarciaCaleigh Photography, West Hills, CA – I asked Caleigh to take some photos for me for my press kit to help me meet you all.  In two afternoons I watched her capture the rhythm of the wind which fell upon the days by surprise;  make a series of secret rendezvous with the light just before the shadows would yield to it’s quickening arrival.  She instantly prepared a canvas upon which the elements would quietly conspire to harmonize with me, a complete mystery, while tempting just a few shadows to remain and grant their texture and tone and curious contrast to the gathering.  The rest, of course, was easier still.  Simply evoke the passion and the yearning, the fire and the calm, the tension and the surrender, that I reveal openly, but from my voice, my guitar, my pen; and do so now in Caleigh’s lens, through my eyes.  Simple, right?  For Caleigh, the answer is simply yes.  For she is the natural conductor of this vast orchestra, who, with uncanny calm asks the sky, the wind and suns simmering fickle way, to sustain the moment …. when my eyes open a path and give my soul to all of you.  Thank you, Caleigh.

Joanna DeGeneres – I am also very proud to acknowledge that headshot photography is the artwork courtesy of Joanna DeGeneres.  All the world is a canvas for her instincts and skill.  A master at capturing and presenting all that makes up the true core of a person, to anyone who, even for an instant, glances at her work.  Thank you Jo.

Christopher Takahashi and Piper White – (Christopher Takahashi, Hair Studio of Sherman Oaks, CA and Salon Piper of Oak Park, CA respectively).  I am truly grateful for the not so small miracles that these two performed on me more than just a few times.  It is their understanding that “style” and “soul” are expressed from the inside out and that they are each integral to the individual personality and message that makes there work so natural, fitting and expressive.  Thank you Christopher, thank you Piper.

Carol Cavalaris – In keeping with tradition here on As I See It, of joining with artists and technicians who are simply naturals at their chosen craft, I am proud to share the exquisitely beautiful and inspired artwork of world renowned artist Carol Cavalaris with you all.  Her ability to express and share the spirit that lives in the precincts of the wild is empathic and unmatched in the world of digital art.  Her work pays tribute to the strength and grace of her subjects, all the while honoring and respecting their transcendent spirit that touches the human soul in ways words often hold within reach, yet beyond grasp.  I am honored to have come to call such a talented person my friend and I am delighted to share her lovely inspiring work with you all.  Thank you, Carol.

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