You come from all that has ever been.
You are part of all that there is, and how it shall be.
Your life, your story, will be part of all that ever was.
A unique spark, in every light that has ever shined.

What shall you choose to do with this gift?

May your eyes forever see beyond the limits of light’s ambition.
May your wings carry you to the farthest reach of your imagination and dreams.
May your heart forever be the welcoming temple of limitless compassion.
And may the Spirit of love and of life, always bring you peacefully back home.

The time is now, to write your story.
The day has come to reach for your dream.
The Temple Body, is the vessel given,
To embrace love, as a way of living.

And with this, claim now, your Legacy.

All original content, music and lyrics © 2019, Chris Mentch. As I See It® is a trademark of Chris Mentch, 2015. All rights reserved. Photo credits: Caleigh Photography and Joanna DeGeneres.