What Splendid Prisons We Make

Consider for a moment what Splendid Prisons We Make:

We build them strong and sturdy,
To protect our hearts from another emotional violation,
Something else to endure,
Another injury to heal,
Another way to think,
Another question to trouble the night,
As a burdened head befalls a cool welcoming pillow.

Yet with all of this, we all; all of us are survivors!  And even without understanding it completely, we instinctively know the available escape routes from these prisons we make, for we are the designers and the architects of their structure.  They are our nemesis.

If there is going to be a jail break, if we seek a flight towards freedom, it means tearing down the walls between the you’s and the me’s, no matter what it shall take!  Let us embrace one another and if only for our children’s sake.
Let us throw off the shackles and dry up the tears
And lay low the walls that surround
These Splendid Prisons We Make.

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