It is in one read of Navy Seal SR Chief, (Ret.) Mike Day’s story that we must recalibrate the metric by which most of us measure our understanding of challenge, adversity as well as mental, physical and spiritual resiliency in our own lives.  It is a gift that Mr. Day gives us all in that it reminds us of man’s immeasurable capacity for accomplishing noble deeds, even in times that test that premise.  That the good will of the free spirit can conquer the darkest evil while at once spreading glorious wings of compassion to those most in need.  Mike reminds us that each one of us can be a formidable force for good as well; of our own capacity for advanced citizenship and living lives with equal measures of courage as well as compassion.

Please join me, in helping Mr. Mike Day help those in desperate need by reading his story at CrowdRise, donating if you can, and passing along Mike’s story to your friends. I am proud and honored to salute Navy Seal SR Chief, (Ret.) Mike Day.

Blessed are the Peacemakers.”  –  Chris Mentch

God is in the Little Things - Messages from the AnimalsIt’s true that animals have a lovely way of reminding us about the better aspects of ourselves and the deepest depths of our humanity. Perhaps this is because they remain forever true to their given nature that they so adeptly guide us all back to our own; through the maze of our ambition, and ego, avoidance and distraction. Gently, they remind us that we are more than what we see, as they guide us on the inward journey home.

In her book God is in the Little Things – Messages from the Animals, Patricia Brooks takes us in a wonderfully conversational style, through her journey of reawakening and self-awareness in a very personal and touching way. She, like the spirits that have guided her, opens herself to us and invites us all to join in our own personal awakening. Join her online at

Her newest book, God is in the Little Things: Messages from the Golden Angels is a riveting story that reveals Patricia Brooks’ struggle to reclaim her true identity and discover the meaning of her life. Travel with Patricia through her past lives from ancient Rome to the cobblestoned streets of colonial Boston. Cry with Patricia as she shares the intimate details of her struggles and how she learns to heal her broken heart. Spiritual revelations unfold before your eyes as Patricia discovers the true meaning of life and begins living her new life with clarity and purpose. Watch as Patricia moves from wounded and weak to a powerful and empowered spiritual being.

Hello again everyone and don’t look now but August has come to an end. I remember the song about the “lazy hazy days of summer”, but somehow that just does not apply to this past summer at all.  It’s been an eventful summer for nearly everyone I’ve talked with and the pace seems to show no signs of letting up.  Since the changes going on are all good news in one form or another I say let’s keep it up!

As you know by now I have released my CD entitled “This Is Chris Mentch” this past month and it is available on I Tunes and just about every other entertainment media services known to man for those interested in the musical facet of As I See It.  It is a personal treat to write, record and share this work with you.  I was fortunate to work with very talented musicians and producers and simply love the chance to share it all with you.  Music is perhaps the most powerful manner of communication so no collection of work meant to touch or inspire would be complete without that musical component.  I am trying to touch the heart and spirit with the entire body of work that is As I See It, so whatever the topic, it needs to be addressed in the language of the soul; from my heart to yours.

This past month we also celebrate the kinship of As I See It with The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  The sanctuary director Mr. Pat Craig gave a warm welcome and support to the release of the album and to As I See It and was also kind enough to allow us to post links between our websites.  This is a seminal moment indeed for it is a shining example of the tenacity of the human heart to constantly seek out and embrace compassion and compassionate people.  This is how single voices become a chorus, in rather short order, all on the wings of a simple yet profound idea; to deliver desperate souls from a life of despair to a loving home with a bright future and to give a voice to those who perhaps have no voice in this world at all.  It is with great pride and a joyous heart that we support the people and the spirit of The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  Keep up the lovely work my dear friends!

The month of August also has As I See It beginning a series of short videos on You Tube as we continue to explore other creative outlets to compliment our efforts here.  I am excited about the future I see as we broaden the creative facets and find still more opportunities to share.  I hope you find this continuing journey a complete pleasure.

I will be posting new material both lyrics and poems this fall so please check in again soon and let us know your thoughts.

Peace,  Chris.

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