Give Me Your Song

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All of this time, all of these fears
All of my life, all of these tears
All of these songs, with so much to say
Still the words get in my way.

Show me a sign, show me a light
Guide me back home, through this dark night
I’ve been away, for far too long
Grant me this peace, Give Me Your Song. 

I know you feel it too
The love between us is right
But if this love plays us for fools
“Let fortune favor the foolish’’ hearts tonight.

There is a place, where true love thrives
On wings of grace, that reach for the sky
Where broken hearts heal, and spirits grow strong
A rebirth of life that’s waited too long. 

I’ve found that place, deep in your eyes
Honest and true, gentle and wise
Two weary hearts, together so strong
Grant me this peace, Give Me Your Song.

All of the things, I want to do
All of my plans, I’ve made them for you
Though we’ve just met, I’ve known you so long
You live in my heart, you are my song.
Grant me this peace, Give Me Your Song.

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