This Time, Loss Has a Name

My new song of hope in an era of school shootings and teen suicide.

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© 2019, Chris Mentch

This time we have each other
This time we have a choice
This time we cannot wait my friend
This time you have my voice

Oh, this time
Oh, this time

This time we’ll break the silence
I will guard you by my side
This time I will be here for you
This time you will not hide

Oh, this time
Oh, this time

Like a needle in a haystack
A lonely heart will seek a name
What is hidden is fast surrender
To the passion of the flame

Oh, this time
Yes, this time


I will lift you from this prison
A growing dungeon of your doubt
A song and sting upon my wing
From within and from without

Tonight I will inspire you
Gonna find gonna feed that fire in you
Tonight we’ll come together in that flame

This time
This time

This time you won’t run in hunger
This time you won’t sleep in pain
It’s time you found your smile again
And a passion that will sustain you

Oh, this time
Yes, this time

This time we shall step forward
This time they’ll feel the shame
This time we will say “Never again”
This time loss has a name

Oh, this time
Yes, this time
This time

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