Where Words Don’t Come Easy

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 A few years ago in the perfect dress
For better, for worse, or more or less
It was all they had but they vowed their best to each other.

But just last night in the crime of crimes
And without warning love turned on a dime
They’re both victims but they’ll do time together. 

Here, Where Words Don’t Come Easy
Hearts are left alone to wonder how a true love died
And here, lovers pay dearly
For the cost of their admission
With insatiable ambition
And love that’s starved for time
Where Words Don’t Come Easy.

Now words can be weapons as well as tools
Have you never had a loaded question aimed at you?
Pointed as arrows and hardened like steel
To target a heart that may never heal. 

So enter a wise man among the fools
A master of the game is but a slave to the rules
For when time is running short, we’re all left stranded. 

Here, Where Words Don’t Come Easy
Careless words are left out on a cold and bitter wind
And here, we all pay dearly
When messages we send
Make enemies of friends
That won’t be back again
Where Words Don’t Come Easy.

It’s a place where we’ve all been,
And swear we won’t go back again,
Though we, don’t know how we got in anyway. 

But tender words were left unspoken,
And what was done left good hearts broken,
Regret is but the hollow token we’ll pay. 

It’s something we’ve known for so very long
When the pace is fast, when the race is long
When confused voices would steer you wrong
To your heart be true, to your love be strong. 

For outside the winds of change still roar
They’ll cry out for you, and you’ll crave for more
With the strangest feeling you’ve been here before
And you know too well, who’s at your door. 

Here, Where Words Don’t Come Easy
We walk away from love we called our own
And here, we all pay dearly
For things we should have known
When we stray too far from home
We’ll find out on our own
Where Words Don’t Come Easy.

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