That Which Endures

A Reflection on the Timeless Legacy of Mr. John Denver

Words matter.  Not merely as tools for the conveyance of a thought, rather, and more importantly, they are the life giving breath of passion that lives within an idea and touches us when they are spoken or sung.  One of my favorite words is “aspire”.  I’ve always felt that John Denver’s music is as aspirational as it is inspirational and introspective.  Indeed, what attracted me quite naturally to his music, in addition to nature’s metaphors and the celebration and defense of our natural treasures and splendor for which he became known, is a message that challenges each of us to grow; inwardly and outwardly.  I have always believed in the importance of being aware of and nurturing ones’ own gifts and sharing them for the good of all and to the benefit of each.  To give, and yes to receive, always with grace, and all the while striving as I say “to be more when tomorrows sun rises than what we were when yesterday’s sun came to rest”.

A true American troubadour, Mr. Denver’s gift to us was to blend his message to songs only he could create; songs only he could sing.  Once named “Seize the Eagle” by Native Americans who understood keenly the spirit that sang out in such glory from deep within this man’s soul.

I have been singing for as long as I can remember and writing for a bit less than that.  And while my influences, musically and otherwise are broad, I am fortunate to have been touched by this once in a generation talent; this once in a lifetime gift to all.  His message, his energy and his singular ability to reach so many diverse people and indeed diverse cultures has and always will transcend the ages.  In joy, it will forever echo across space and time as an eloquent and wise reminder that we are all brothers and sisters on this beautiful garden hurling through the heavens, children of the sun, celebrating it all.

So it is with gratitude and respect that I say to “Seize the Eagle”, thank you John.

Forever, I wish you Peace.

Chris Mentch


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