A Place for All of These Things

There’s a place in the night for all lovers.
There’s a place on each face, for the trail of a tear.
There’s a place for joy and laughter;
A place for courage and a place for fear. 

There’s a place where we all stumble,
And a place where we might fall.
A place of unbridled conviction;
And a place to wonder why we try at all. 

Yet there are shores where rising waters,
Make love to thirsty sands,
And high swept winds to carry the clouds,
To some other distant lands.

There are waters that frolic with laughter,
Where it’s playtime under the sky.
It’s a place to hear the voice and the song
Of the dolphin’s lullaby. 

There’s a place for the Earth to tumble,
Through time on invisible wings.
Where eternity is home to the humble,
And A Place for All of These Things.

All original content, music and lyrics © 2019, Chris Mentch. As I See It® is a trademark of Chris Mentch, 2015. All rights reserved. Photo credits: Caleigh Photography and Joanna DeGeneres.