The Reagan Vision:
A Day Whose Sun Had Not Yet Risen

by Chris Mentch © 2005

When a nation fell forlorn,
He made her proud again.

When freedom was taken from those who served her,
He gave them their freedom again.

When Americans were held in tyranny from their country,
He brought them home again.

When a nation wept,
He comforted her again.

When his life was nearly taken,
He taught us forgiveness again.

When illness befell him,
He taught us dignity again.

Behold the life of Ronald Wilson Reagan:
A life lived lifting spirits, and tearing down walls.
A life lived standing fast against tyrants, and standing strong for freedom.
A life lived with confidence in the human spirit,
compassion for the human condition,
and optimism for the future.

His spirit now shines from a hillside, like a sun that never sets.
His life was lived with a vision of, and a plan for,

A Day Whose Sun Had Not Yet Risen.

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