Galileo, Galilee

Starlight, star bright,
You think you will,
And I think you might.
Whisper to “Vincent” and McLean,
Of a “Starry, Starry Night.”

For you see as a blind man might see.
Speak of the sky, Galileo Galilei,
Speak of the sea,
Galileo, Galilee.

Here burns the truth that can set souls free;
A fire so bright, it might blind,
The tender eyes that seek its crystalline spheres,
Another scar, another find. 

Some souls are enslaved by the tyrant of darkness,
Their groaning echo’s in Dante’s deepening well
Why is it to speak of the glorious heavens,
We must so often stare into the precincts of hell?

But you can see as the blind man might see!
So speak of the sky,
Galileo Galilei.
Speak of the sea,
Galileo, Galilee.

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