Love One Another Even More

I’ve known you longer than my memory allows
I’ve loved you stronger than my inner strength somehow
I’ve been with you in places deeper than the darkest sea
But how can you be closer, than I am to me?

There are places darkly shining through the firmament of space
Whispered shimmering radiance needing neither time nor place
Hailing beyond the reach or measure of times falling sands
The spirited breath of life itself splashed upon these loving hands

Where the yearning and the passion that can traverse the great expanse
Completes the timeless mystery of love and luck and chance
A beacon of light eternal, guiding solemn leaps of faith
To the challis overflowing, perfected “glory is but grace…”

The life that lives within us is hard to understand
It’s origin and destiny take us to uncharted lands
And it is there where we gather upon some far and distant shore
Where we care for ourselves deeply, yes, but,
Love One Another Even More!

All original content, music and lyrics © 2019, Chris Mentch. As I See It® is a trademark of Chris Mentch, 2015. All rights reserved. Photo credits: Caleigh Photography and Joanna DeGeneres.