This Letter That I Have Found

I rescued a letter that I buried away,
In the bottom of a drawer, at the end of some day.
It’s been years since I laid that correspondence to rest.
But it would be the search for one old shirt,
That brought me back to that chest. 

Lying buried and silent in her patient repose.
Yesterday’s reminder of what today I should know.
For we often forget, we are wiser than we think.
Assuming that with time, wisdom will save us from the brink. 

The shirt is worn and tired, but it still fits just fine,
Lending meaning to being yours, and you being mine.
Yes the shirt still fits after all of these nights,
Warm as the laughter and torn from the fights. 

So I’ll lay my weary head back down,
Wrapped in a dear friend that brought me around,
Once again, to a letter that I’ve found.
And it read,

“I am your yesterday can you remember me now?
I’ve waited to be found again, and I hoped that somehow,
That this shirt would still tug at the threads of your heart.
As the life that you weave, might bring you back to the start.”

“I’m the son of your hand, and what you’ve waited to say,
Just one footprint in the sand, from so far away.
I’ve kept my true vigil here frozen in time,
Awaiting a restless young man, with his weary mind.”

“You see your dreams have been waiting; yes they knew you would come.
Watching you cautiously walking, and watching you run.
They where here when you laid me down softly to rest
Kept warm and safe huddled by this shirt in this chest.”

“They told me something very long ago,
Something today that I think you should know.
That all you were seeking was there all the time,
All that you hoped that someday you’d find.”

“The person that you so wanted to be
With the wisdom to know, that life is more than we see.
To someday find comfort somewhere on your way
And that all of your searching would find you today.”

“And so now here you are, from the end to the start.
A man of time’s teachers, still a young boy at heart.
Welcome home son, it’s been quite a journey and yet
You were never too far away and, never one to forget.”

“The persistence of memory, has been your kind friend,
And now it’s become time, to lay me down again.
Now I’ll watch this man labor, and I’ll watch this boy play
And as the years grow late, I’ll be found again someday.”

“It’s nice to see the shirt of a boy, can still fit a man fine
And that life’s lessons and scars did not leave the child behind.
For only a child’s eyes could clearly see
That today will be yesteryear, when you next rescue me.”

And the letter still sits, after all of this time,
Under a shirt that somehow, still fits just fine.
For the shirt is a companion and to this vow I am bound,
Lay me down, but don’t forget me.
And This Letter That I Have Found.

All original content, music and lyrics © 2019, Chris Mentch. As I See It® is a trademark of Chris Mentch, 2015. All rights reserved. Photo credits: Caleigh Photography and Joanna DeGeneres.