Angels of Mercy

There is no greater level of courage, no deeper measure of compassion, than that shown by those who rush willingly headlong into harm’s way to illuminate the darkness brought on by evil’s black fire with the pure white light of their brightest angels. It is to these brave souls that America stands forever indebted. Their actions have strengthened our resolve to answer the challenges of aggression and terror and defeat them at every turn. They have deepened our commitment to our country and our compassion to our fellow countrymen. They have done no less than to lift a nation swollen with pride to greater heights with the ever-rising wind swell of freedom. Our hearts are at once heavy with the great weight of loss, yet our collective spirits rise easily upon the wings of these gallant Angels of Mercy.

(Dedicated to the firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and others who faced the unspeakable horror of terrorism with immeasurable courage and compassion.)










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